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Excursions and Touristic Tours

FEATURES: pronounced as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, in 1969 also pronounced as the National Park, covered with lush vegetation
TO VISIT: a large number of resorts and wild beaches
EVENTS: Fisherman’s evenings
CUISINE: fish, clams, wine.

A visit to the Elafiti (or Elaphiti) islands could be the high point of your visit to Dubrovnik.
The terrain is forested and hilly and the little villages retain the relaxed slowness of traditional Adriatic life. There are 13 islands in this archipelago northwest of Dubrovnik but only three Elaphiti islands are inhabited:
•Kolocep (pronounced Kolo-chep),
•Lopud and
•Sipan (pronounced Shee-pan)

DISTANCE: 20 km from the town of Dubrovnik
FEATURES: the oldest monument of garden architecture in Croatia
TO VISIT: the very location of the rich gardens and exotic plants
EVENTS: daily visits to the location are allowed.

DISTANCE: 50 km from the town of Dubrovnik
FEATURES: city with the longest walls in Europe
TO VISIT: the oldest salt factory in Europe, oyster and mussel farm
EVENTS: Fisherman’s evenings
CUISINE: oysters, mussels, fish, wine, olives.
The town center is a maze of cobbled streets full of small restaurants with some of the freshest seafood in Croatia. The area is especially famous for its oysters and other shellfish. Your guide will show you around town and walk with you along a portion of the wall. You then have the option of stopping for lunch to try some of Ston’s famous seafood.

DISTANCE: 40 km from the town of Dubrovnik
FEATURES: the second largest Croatian peninsula
TO VISIT: the ideal place for outings and holidays
CUISINE: fish, olives, wine (Dingach and Postup).
The Peljesac peninsula is known for its rugged terrain which provides great conditions for grape growing. It is these conditions combined with centuries of skill and tradition that help to create the region’s wines, which are among the best in Croatia.

DISTANCE: 50 km from the town of Dubrovnik
FEATURES: the largest and most famous cave in B&H, a candidate for UNESCO
TO VISIT: the very location rich with corridors, lakes and waterfalls
EVENTS: daily visits to the location are allowed.

DISTANCE: 90 km from the town of Dubrovnik
FEATURES: One of the most famous Roman Catholic shrine, visited annually by approximately one million tourists
TO VISIT: Hill of Apparition, Križevac
EVENTS: Apparition Anniversary, Youth Fest
CUISINE: lamb, grilled dishes, wine, brandy.

DISTANCE:60 km from the town of Dubrovnik
FEATURES: statute of the city and the island of Korcula, one of the oldest legal documents in this part of Europe, built in the 13th century, considered the hometown of Marco Polo
TO VISIT: the old town, beautiful beaches
EVENTS: Fisherman’s evenings, Knight’s game Moreška
CUISINE: clams, fish, wine.
Korcula is one of the most beautiful islands on Croatia’s Adriatic coast. It has lots to offer holiday makers including a historic walled town, great beaches, and locally produced food and wine. While visitors can easily spend 2 or 3 days on the island, those with less time can see the historic town of Korcula on a daytrip from Dubrovnik

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