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In a sea of spectacular and sensational bids and tenders to draw attention of the potential client, I offer only modest, honest and direct contact with nature, or rather what man is missing in 21st century - peace and a sense of freedom.

What is offered with this tour is calibrated calories spending, an occasional drop of sweat, mingling with the beautiful climate, enjoying the sounds of nature, awakening in the places where you will never wake up again, and mornings for which we can not guarantee how it will be, but they will certainly be remembered. We offer to teach you, if you do not already know, the history of the one part of the world, to learn about local flora and fauna, and to learn a few tips that will help you to spend time with the nature. In this tour you can see the impressive buildings of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, mainly in the form of countless military fortifications, fortresses and watch-towers and their huge legacy in the form of the almost entire road infrastructure in BiH, including those that will facilitate our hiking trails to some destinations. You will see the places rich with mushrooms, medicinal herbs, habitats of foxes, wolves, wild boars, and the villages that are not tailored specifically to the "ethno" prefix but actually, the original and primeval Herzegovinian villages, where you can taste food that is as truly and "unedited" homework. You will see the landscape which we are proud of for generations, width, purity, sunrise and sunset, which are as well as elsewhere special, and the diversity of the landscape of bitter Herzegovina karst, and dense deciduous and coniferous forests on the border with Montenegro.

You need to be equipped with camping gear: tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat, knife and other camping accessories, what ever you think you should take. If you don't have or you don't want to take with you any of it, please let us know and I'll try to get it for you to use and it will not increase the cost of services. If you choose to sleep in improvised shelters - bivaci, then we will make them together with our extensive experience in such matters. The first and the last night we are spending in alleges facility, like a motel or a guest house. The first morning we start in 08:00 hours, and for the rest of the days on the field, depending on the situation on the field.

Please, contact us and make a reservation if you want to be part of this beautiful adventure!

Dubrovnik Coast Team